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Things to Do in Maui During June
There are many activities that one can engage in during June all the way to August when the summer ends.
May 27, 2018

With June, summer has kicked off, sun and more sun accompanied by heavy trade winds.

To beat this, plan your activities in Maui along the beach.

There are many activities that one can engage in during June all the way to August when the summer ends.

Cycle to the Sun

This is an event for the people who love cycling, those who are ready for a real challenge and lots of fun.

It has been dubbed the most challenging bike ride in the world. Starting at sea level and climbing for more than ten thousand feet, cycling along the longest and steepest paved road at Haleakala. With this ride, you can test your agility and also expect to have the fun of your life.

The event kicks off on June 30th but for those who may want to do it for fun, the month of June presents some good opportunities, the weather is good, and there are other enthusiasts to accompany you on the big ride.


Ocean activities are best around this time of year, the water is warm, and there are also many people who are starting their surfing lessons.

If you are a beginner, you have the best opportunity to learn during the summer vacation.

Those who have done it say summertime is the best for those who want to catch their first wave, the conditions are right and the mood too.

Couples’ Shark Diving

This may seem scary, and some will argue that it is not a romantic thing, but this, especially when it is done in Maui, has a magical touch.

It is a fantastic way to bond, diving in the ocean and being surrounded by some of the best creatures on earth, it is as if they will endorse your union, from tropical fish to stingrays by the hundreds, you will be in the best place.

However, this activity is only reserved for people who can dive; otherwise, you may not be allowed or may not get the fun.


In the summertime, it isn’t just water activities that are fun, parasailing, single, triple or tandem rides are available, and the best thing about it is that you can do it with your whole family.

You will be able to soar high up above the clear blue water and get the thrill of your life.

Things to Do in Maui, Hawaii in May
April 30, 2018

Winter is gone, and Maui is ushering in spring weather.

Lei Day, as May Day is known in Hawaii, is the beginning of a new season that offers fun and memorable events on the lovely island. It is a period when the weather is relatively beautiful, and the prices are lower than they are in the busy summer and winter periods, so it is a time to have great fun in Maui.

Here are some of the popular activities and events to look forward to in Maui during spring.

Whale Watching

Although the whale watching season is nearly coming to an end, you will still have a few days to enjoy watching these majestic creatures, as the season runs from December to mid-May (although January-March is peak season).

If you make it to Maui in the last days of April, you can still enjoy whale watching excursions before most of them stop operating due to the decline in the number of whales.

However, an arrangement can be made to watch the big and magnificent creatures as they swim in the vast waters.

Brewers' Festival

Mark your calendar - May 19th at Waikulu in Central Maui – is the Brewers’ Festival where more than forty brewers specializing in craft beers exhibit their fine drinks.

The craft beers are from the mainland as well as Hawaii. The festival also has plenty of food and entertainment where people who are visiting the island can enjoy themselves.

The event is held on the lawn at the Maui Cultural Center.

Road to Hana

With the relatively warmer weather, visiting a place like Hana where you can experience the most spectacular scenery will not only make your trip memorable but also exciting.

In Hana, you will return to old Hawaii, a remote area with one of the craziest roads.

You will enjoy beautiful stops and waterfalls along the way that make for a stunning trip.

Sample Hawaiian Culture

With numerous festivals in Hawaii, Maui promises to teach you the unique culture that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Sample the sumptuous foods, craft beer, drinks, art and music in one package to give you a trip of a lifetime.


Visiting Maui during the month of May gives you a chance to sample the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands at an affordable rate, without the overcrowding that characterizes the summer and winter seasons.

Make sure to engage in these activities at least once while in Maui to be sure you’ll have an excellent trip.

Whales: Beautiful Mammals of the Ocean
Maui holds a yearly Great Whale Count every 24th of February. This year, more than 100 counting volunteers participated, including scientists.
April 22, 2018

Whales are fascinating creatures.

First of all, they are mammals. They belong to the cetacean family - marine mammals, together with dolphins and porpoises. There are two suborders of these magnificent marine creatures, the toothed and the baleen. The baleens are the larger types with baleen plates.

The differences between the toothed and baleen, aside from teeth and plates, are their social structure, breathing holes, and echolocation.

Baleen Whales

Baleen whales are known as the great and true ones.

They are larger than the toothed type and they have baleen plates with bristles - very much like the bristles of a comb - inside their mouth. They use their plates and bristles to sieve or capture their food in the water, also known as filter feeding.

They catch krill, fish, plankton, and squid in their mouth as these get caught in the bristles. Once caught, their food or prey are swallowed whole.

They usually target small prey for easy swallowing and digestion.

Humpback, Bowhead and Blue Whales

Popular baleens are humpback, bowhead and right whales.

They are large and adored by millions. But they used to be hunted down for their oil, fat and other body parts for different uses. They are now an endangered species and protected from hunting.

These whales travel alone or in small groups called pods, but usually gather in larger ones for hunting, mating and other social activities, then disperse when finished with their activities.

They make a deep long moan that can be heard for miles and even below water, to call mates, communicate with others in their pods or when they feel sad.

Humpback Watching in Maui

Whale watching became popular as organizations raise awareness of the plight of these beautiful ocean creatures.

A popular location for watching them is in Maui. Watching whales in their natural habitat in Maui became a popular tourist attraction. Whale season in Maui is also known as the Return of the North Pacific Humpback Whales. This happens usually during the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, December to April, although it varies yearly.

Maui holds a yearly Great Whale Count every 24th of February. This year, more than 100 counting volunteers participated, including scientists. There was a total of 529 humpback sightings, including 335 pods and 62 calves. Although it is lower by 445 from last year’s count and the date is consistent, the timing of migration is not always accurate as whales have their own schedule.

There are 10,000 North Pacific Humpback whales migrating to Hawaii each year, and January to March are the peak months of the season.

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