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Whales: Beautiful Mammals of the Ocean
Maui holds a yearly Great Whale Count every 24th of February. This year, more than 100 counting volunteers participated, including scientists.
April 22, 2018

Whales are fascinating creatures.

First of all, they are mammals. They belong to the cetacean family - marine mammals, together with dolphins and porpoises. There are two suborders of these magnificent marine creatures, the toothed and the baleen. The baleens are the larger types with baleen plates.

The differences between the toothed and baleen, aside from teeth and plates, are their social structure, breathing holes, and echolocation.

Baleen Whales

Baleen whales are known as the great and true ones.

They are larger than the toothed type and they have baleen plates with bristles - very much like the bristles of a comb - inside their mouth. They use their plates and bristles to sieve or capture their food in the water, also known as filter feeding.

They catch krill, fish, plankton, and squid in their mouth as these get caught in the bristles. Once caught, their food or prey are swallowed whole.

They usually target small prey for easy swallowing and digestion.

Humpback, Bowhead and Blue Whales

Popular baleens are humpback, bowhead and right whales.

They are large and adored by millions. But they used to be hunted down for their oil, fat and other body parts for different uses. They are now an endangered species and protected from hunting.

These whales travel alone or in small groups called pods, but usually gather in larger ones for hunting, mating and other social activities, then disperse when finished with their activities.

They make a deep long moan that can be heard for miles and even below water, to call mates, communicate with others in their pods or when they feel sad.

Humpback Watching in Maui

Whale watching became popular as organizations raise awareness of the plight of these beautiful ocean creatures.

A popular location for watching them is in Maui. Watching whales in their natural habitat in Maui became a popular tourist attraction. Whale season in Maui is also known as the Return of the North Pacific Humpback Whales. This happens usually during the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, December to April, although it varies yearly.

Maui holds a yearly Great Whale Count every 24th of February. This year, more than 100 counting volunteers participated, including scientists. There was a total of 529 humpback sightings, including 335 pods and 62 calves. Although it is lower by 445 from last year’s count and the date is consistent, the timing of migration is not always accurate as whales have their own schedule.

There are 10,000 North Pacific Humpback whales migrating to Hawaii each year, and January to March are the peak months of the season.

Things to do in Maui in March
Heading to Hawaii soon? Check out some of the best things to do if you are planning a trip to Maui in March.
March 09, 2018

Heading to Hawaii soon? Check out some of the best things to do if you are planning a trip to Maui in March.

1. Whale Watching

March is peak season for whale watching in Maui, so this activity should be at the top of your list.

During this timeframe, there are quite a number of humpback whales around. Pack a set of binoculars and you can spot these beautiful creatures both from the beach or while in the middle of the ocean onboard large catamarans or kayaks.

Try land-based watching at Papawi Point, Olowalu Reef, or Honolua Bay.

2. Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in Maui

There will be a lot of festivities in Maui for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, so grab a pint or more of Guinness for good measure.

To start off, celebrate in a unique way by participating in the annual Leprechaun Chase 5k run. If you are more into partying in St. Patrick’s Day, head to Mulligans’ on the Blue, the only Irish-owned-and-run bar and restaurant in Maui (partying all day is required). You will be welcomed with drink specials, live music, and spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific.

For a celebration more in line with Irish culture, head to Fleetwood’s on Front Street to check out the drum set of the legendary Mick Fleetwood while you listen to the bagpipes.

3. Attend Upcoming Festivals

If you are into the festive scene, March is a busy month for Maui as they hold a number of festivals during this month. Attend the Whale and Ocean Arts Festival which is held in Banyan Tree Park. The festivities include music and entertainment, such as hula troupes. Kids will also enjoy the festivities and can participate in Keiki art contests, face painting, and lei making.

The Prince Kuhio Festival is held on the third weekend of March in the same location. The festival mainly celebrates Maui’s revered royalty and commemorates efforts to champion Hawaiian culture and its people.

4. Attend Concerts

For the music lovers out there, you can enjoy watching concerts in Maui.

Towards the end of March, you will enjoy watching the Hawaiian Music Series Concert which is held on the Baldwin Home Museum Lawn. This free concert showcases Maui-based musicians and entertainers.

Just bring along your blankets or even beach chairs and sing and dance along to the music.

Best Historic Sites to Visit in Maui
For those of us who seek adventure and are excited to learn while exploring, Maui is the best place to visit.
February 26, 2018

For those of us who seek adventure and are excited to learn while exploring, Maui is the best place to visit.

Located in the Central Pacific, it is the second largest of the Hawaiian islands and is the seventeenth largest island in the United States. Have you ever wondered how the island got its name? Well, it all came about when a legend navigator, Hawai’iloa who discovered the island named it after his son, Maui. Legend has it that his son was a Demigod. The island was known as Ihikapalaumaewa formerly.

If you are a traveler, these facts about the history of Maui will interest you:

Ka’ahumanu Church

This church began as a grass hut that went through several incarnations before its last transformation to honor Queen Ka’ahumannu, wife of King Kamehameha, the first King to adopt Christianity in Maui.

Lahaina Jodo Mission

This is a simple sanctuary that is well known for its peaceful ambiance. In 1968, a giant Buddha statue was erected by Japanese plantation workers to mark the centennial anniversary of the Japanese presence in Hawaii.  

Maluuluolele Park

Currently a day park, this place is notable for what it used to be more so than what it is today. This site was known as Moku’ula and was a royal residence until the 19th century when King Kamehameha died. It was later transformed into a park, but the history remains.

Wo Hing Temple

This temple was constructed in 1912 by Chinese sugarcane workers who used it as a social center. It was named after Wo Hing Society. The temple has a religious shrine and still houses some items that were used back in the day. It also encompasses a fascinating display that contains several movies filmed by Thomas Edison as Hawaii transformed into what it is today.

Baldwin Home

This is a historical place that housed the early missionaries who brought Christianity to Hawaii. It was built in 1834 by Reverend Ephraim Spaulding and later enlarged by Reverend Baldwin. This home displays some of the most iconic structures that were used back in the day. The place houses artifacts and furnishings original to the house. Walking into this home will simply take you back to how the missionaries used to live.

Visiting these places will take your mind to a whole new world. You will forever be grateful that you visited Maui.

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